Gary Dahse is a veteran in motivating and mentoring young professionals“Your destiny is shaped by the quality of your personal relationships.”


I saw Gary Dahse at a seminar where he was speaking about The Dahse Difference and the need for having passion for what you do. I immediately went to purchase the materials suggested and have already learned a great deal about myself. Gary has passion and a unique way of presenting, which is informative and entertaining. I recommend The Dahse Difference to anyone and everyone!

– Wilene

If getting a college degree is a must to succeed in life, The Dahse Difference is an absolute necessity. I have known Gary (i.e. “The Daws”) for thirty years and understand the phenomenal value this course has to offer.

– Burl Daniel

Don’t start your career without this course! It will save you a lot of time, money and energy.

– Pat Brian

I recently had the opportunity to hear Mr. Dahse speak. I found him to be intriguing, knowledgeable, thought provoking and entertaining. He was able to capture and sustain my interest for the duration of the presentation. I can’t say that for most of the speakers I have observed in the past. Mr. Dahse is one of a kind!!!”

– Jennifer

Motivational, inspirational, life changing, eye opening! I met Gary Dahse over ten years ago and credit him with helping me solve my “cognitive blindness”. He has been a mentor and trusted advisor and has saved me a lot of headaches with his practical wisdom, creativity and insight.

– Darrell Betts

Gary was the keynote speaker at the National Exchange Club Convention when I was the national president several years ago. His presentation on “Entrepreneurs” was the highlight of the convention. His insight into how entrepreneurs think, act and react was very enlightening. If you are thinking of opening your own business, this course is a must take!

– Gerald Franklin

When I got my degree at SMU, I was ready to conquer the world and thought I had all the tools necessary to succeed. Little did I know, my education was just beginning. The Dahse Difference helped me realize that I still needed a lot of life skills to excel in the real world. Being a mentee of Gary Dahse has cut at least ten years off my learning curve. His insight and wisdom on how to build a strategic plan for your life is awesome!

– Mary Barnwell

The best value for your money! I spent over thirty-five thousand dollars getting a college degree 25 years ago. The techniques and life lessons in this program far outpace the value of my college degree and were a fraction of the cost. Take this course if you want to be self-sufficient and live life to its fullest. This program has tremendous value regardless of your age.

– James Cummins




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