Gary Dahse is a veteran in motivating and mentoring young professionals“Your destiny is shaped by the quality of your personal relationships.”



The Mind-Body Crossover

An eye-opening experience of how the subconscious mind works. This presentation explains the intricacies of how to take a mental thought and turn it into a physical reality. It outlines the step by step process on how to obtain anything a person desires out of life. Very inspirational, motivational and informative. Audiences love this presentation!

Tell Me What To Do
A summary version of the key points outlined in Gary’s book, Tell Me What to Do. It gives the keys to living a life filled with purpose, passion and joy. An uplifting, fast-paced presentation about a proven technique that teaches you how to build a Strategic Plan for Your Life while you grow toward financial security, emotional awareness and eventually, spiritual maturity. A must-hear presentation for the passion-filled individual.

How to Build a Strategic Plan for Your Life
This presentation teaches the student how to build a well-balanced strategic plan for life in all seven (7) areas of their lives. It outlines a “Road Map for Success” with twenty items necessary to complete a well-defined plan that guarantees success. If you are searching for advice on how to obtain financial success, happiness and joy, this is great “How To” presentation.

Two Secrets of Highly Successful Goal Setting
The secrets revealed in this presentation are both self-evident and mind-blowing in nature. Once you discover how to write goals and cross the mind-body barrier, you can accomplish anything your heart desires. People that internalize these two secrets make mega-leaps in their daily accomplishments and their life goals. A very powerful enlightenment that will change your life.

The March to Maturity
At some point in our lives, we all must grow up and face realities. Self-examination, an honest, hard look at the realities of our existing situation and an in-depth, serious look at how we got to where we are and what our part was in the process are necessary. This presentation has allowed many organizations to make mega leaps by inspiring their employees to grow emotionally. A five-step process that changes lives is fully explained. A very powerful and emotionally uplifting experience for the organization trying to grow to the next level.

Creative Visualization
Once you fully understand how your subconscious mind works, you can make mega leaps in your quest for living a life full of purpose, passion, joy, serenity and peace while expanding your self-awareness. This presentation outlines the principals behind creative visualization, how it works and the power of your mind to solve complex problems and desires even while you sleep. Mantras, meditation and prayer are fully explored and explained in lay terms for the audience.

Solving the Success, Money & Power Challenge
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is explored in this presentation. The talk is focused on how an individual obtains the success, money and power needed to fulfill the bottom rung of Maslow’s pyramid of food, clothing and shelter so they can eventually obtain needs higher up the pyramid. This talk gives the participant a road map for self-achievement and success. It is an eye-opening look at how highly successful people think, act and react to a world that is constantly changing.

Reaching for Self-Actualization
The top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, “self-actualization”, is explored in this presentation. Highly successful entrepreneurs possess many of the traits that define this state of reality. The five (5) steps to maturity are fully defined in this presentation with a focus on how to become a giver versus a taker. Humility is required for this state of being and the concept is fully explored in this presentation. An interesting presentation that defines how social, secular and spiritual entrepreneurs live their lives. A must-hear, motivational presentation for the individual searching for purpose, passion and self-actualization.

“Your destiny is shaped by the quality of your personal relationships.”
                                                                                                                     – Gary Dahse




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